Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Okay, I'm sorry for not blogging for a few days, I haven't really been on the computer too much and was a little uninspired to blog. But anyway, I'm writing now and that's all that matters :)

So, on Saturday we got 3 new pet ratties! They're 'blue' ones (basically, they're grey. But for some reason the colour is called blue...). We have named them Rupert, Jasper and Noodles, although it is almost impossible to tell which one is who...

Aren't they just adorable? I love having cuddles with them, but they keep going up my sleeve - which tickles... a lot. 

I could carry on making this whole post about pet rats, but I won't in case any of my readers don't like them :P

On Sunday and Monday we had what could be called a lazy day, where we played with the ratties, read for a little bit, and played various games.

Today, we've been to a friends house, which was lovely :) We played games, watched a bit of Megamind and Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids and went to the beach, which was good fun despite the rain.

Anyway, I'm off to go and eat my pudding :D

xo, Chelsea 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I love you, title reader.

Today we visited the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter, for the first time in over 4 years. We used to go to the museum at least once week, until it was closed for refurbishment in July 2008, and I for one have greatly missed the place. I used to love seeing the collection of animals, fossils, bones, old pottery and the various other delights they had, so I was really excited when I found out that they had reopened in December. 

We decided to pop in and have a quick scoot around to kill time before we had to trundle off to one of the home-ed groups we go to. As we didn't spend long there (around half an hour), I don't have a full opinion on the new look yet, but I shall give you my very first impressions. Upon first entering the museum, there isn't really much of a difference than before the refurbishment (although the walls have been painted bright pink. I don't remember them being that colour before!). The first large room we stepped foot in had glass cabinets all over the walls, and display cases were placed on the floor so there was something to look at everywhere you went. There was even stuff hanging from the ceiling!

I found that the set-up of the objects in the museums collection is slightly confusing. For example, there was an elephant, a giraffe, the skeleton of a whale stood together, with a... grand piano. Yes, it was a beautiful piano - it had roses and other flowers painted all over it, but I didn't understand why it was put with two large animals and a skeleton of a whale. Another thing I was kind of disappointed by was they had put the giraffe together with other objects. Let me explain: Gerald the Giraffe (no, I didn't just make up the name, that is what he's really called), always used to be stood on his own at the entrance to the museum, and the way he was placed on the first floor allowed his head to poke through the second floor of the museum -meaning that you really got a feel for how tall he is. Now though, he's just put there with the elephant, the whale skeleton and the piano and he (sadly) doesn't look so spectacular :(

However, they still have an amazing collection of incredible objects, and I can't wait to go back for a proper look around (when I'll do a 'proper' review with pictures and everything).

After we'd ventured to the museum, we went to one of the home ed groups that is held nearby. We had fun talking to friends, drinking hot chocolate, playing on swings and slides and having a good time in general.

Anyway, I'm off now so I shall 'see' you all tomorrow.

xo, Chelsea

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

REVIEW: Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey

'Violet has spent years taking part in her mother's elaborately faked seances, putting the rich and powerful in touch with the dead, and their success has brought them a life of luxury they could have only dreamed of and Violet the prospect of a society marriage.

The last thing Violet expected was to start seeing and hearing the dead for real. But now she is haunted day and night by the ghost of a drowned girl who won't let her rest until her murderer is uncovered. Violet must use her talents to unravel the mystery surrounding the girl's death - and quickly before the killer strikes again...'

Ah, I remember the day I received this book clearly - I stepped foot in Waterstones, and my mother saw this very book sat on one of the many shelves they have in the store. She picked it up, gave it to me, and said 'I want to draw something similar to that cover'. And that, dear reader, is how I acquired Haunting Violet.

I'd never heard of this book until that moment, but as soon as I read the description on the back of the book (I believe it is called a blurb), I couldn't wait to read it. And so, as soon as I got home I began my quest to read all 344 pages of it.

I'm not going to lie - I read two chapters of the book and didn't really enjoy it. So, it got put on my windowsill and stayed there gathering dust for about four months until 2 days ago when I decided to pick it up again - and it is now one of my favourite books of all time.

Haunting Violet is set in the Victorian era, a time that has always fascinated me - however, I've always thought of Victorian teenagers to be boring, and very prim and proper. This book, although a work of fiction, definitely made me think otherwise. My favourite characters are Violet, Colin, Elizabeth and Tabitha. I think most people would find the characters to be very relatable to their own lives, regardless of the obvious time difference.

Poor Violet has to deal with her mother being a fraud, her new found ability to see, feel and hear ghosts and a ghost that won't leave her alone until Violet uncovers her murderer. Top it all off with the problem of whether she should marry the rich and respectable Xavier, which would make her mother happy, or the orphaned crossing boy Colin who would make her happy, then I imagine she was in quite a muddle.

Elizabeth is Violet's best friend, a girl who is desperate to be who she wants to be, rather than who her mother wants her to be. I thought Elizabeth was the funniest character in the story. There isn't really much else I can say about her, other than she is madly in love with one of the men staying in the same manor house as herself and Violet.

I love the fact that the book has a very unique plot, it covers a few different genres - it has some horror scenes, some funny scenes and it's a romance too, I love books set in Victorian times, and I love the fact that the killer of the murdered girl that haunts Violet turned out to be someone that I never suspected, as usually I'm pretty good at guessing who killed/stole from/lied to who. Also, I liked that it contained historical facts that were presented in such a way that fitted in with the plot brilliantly.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone that likes ghost stories and historical fiction, and I think it's suitable for ages 13+ :)

xo, Chelsea

(PS: Please read the post below! It's just an update thing that I wrote just before the review :) )

Is anyone there?

Okay, I'll admit it. I am officially one of the worst bloggers known to mankind. And I have no excuses, other than I'm lazy, and can't be bothered to blog. I'm hoping people actually still read this, otherwise I'd just be talking to myself - which is the first sign of madness, in case you didn't know.

So what have I been up to since I last blogged (27th of September O.O)?

On October 7th, I went to see one of my favourite bands, Black Veil Brides, in concert. I went with my 14 year old brother, Joseph, and we got kicked in the shin (by over enthusiastic dancers), slapped in the face (by a silly boy who later got taken out of the venue courtesy of security) and got shoved around (by people who wanted to get to the front row. Which didn't work by the way, they just pushed me to the front instead - which I wasn't going to complain about!). But we still managed to have an absolutely incredible time, and it was one of the best days of my life :)

That's a video of them singing 'Fallen Angels', which was the last song they performed on the night. I don't own the video, all credit goes to the person that does!

On the 23rd of November, it was my 16th birthday! I had an brilliant day, and got some lovely gifts from my friends and family. Plus, my mum made me an amazing Alice in Wonderland cake :)

On Christmas Eve it was my brother Joseph's 14th birthday. He seemed to have a good time, and is still enjoying spending his birthday money.

Then it was CHRISTMAS!!! :D It was the most epic Christmas ever, and I was lucky enough to get a new phone, some clothes, some makeup, a board game and some CD's. Then mum and dad gave me and my siblings a special present that we share - an Xbox 360! It's awesome - and I'm slightly addicted to the Guitar Hero games :P

On Boxing Day, it was my sister Tiegan's 10th birthday, so we ate more cake, played games, ate too much chocolate and then went to sleep.

On New Year's Eve, me and Joseph went to our friends house for a party, and then got home and fell straight asleep because we'd had too many late nights what with all the Christmas/Birthday/New Year excitement. 

In between these events, we decorated the house, did Christmas shopping, got frustrated whilst Christmas shopping, bought 'secret santa' gifts - although it wasn't very secret, because my siblings kept yelling who they had to buy gifts for, got visited by a naughty fairy named Freckles (don't ask...) and got ill with coughs and colds. Oh, and I dyed my hair blue:

Anyway, I'm off to blog a book review now on a separate post (yes, two posts in a row!) otherwise this post will end up being way too long.

xo, Chelsea