Sunday, 7 August 2011

TGDB: Day Two

Date: 7 August 2011
Starting time: 12.41pm
Mood: Annoyed. My 13 year old brother keeps putting his music on really loud, so I can't really hear mine.
Outside my window: Rain.
I'm thinking: That my brain really is made up of 99% song lyrics XD
I'm reading: 'Rosebush' by Michele Jaffe
I'm listening to: The Only Hope For Me Is You by My Chemical Romance
I'm wearing: A long grey jumper from H&M, black studded denim shorts from New Look, black leggings from New Look and my spotty slippers from ASDA :D
 Yesterday, I: Found an artist on Youtube that I adore.
I'm excited for: My birthday. Yes, it's in November. No, I don't care.
I'm sad because: My 13 year old brother 
keeps putting his music on really loud.
I'm hungry for: Coffee. Again.
The song stuck inside my head is: The Only Exception by Paramore.
I want: some coffee.
I love: Skittles sweets/candy.
I loathe: Country music >.<
This week, my goal is to: See my last daybook.
Did I meet last week's goal?: See my last daybook.
Ending time: 12.49pm

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  1. I LOVE that MCR song, gotta be one of the best XD


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