Saturday, 7 May 2011


Is anybody there? *looks around hopefully*

Oh phew, YOU'RE here! I'm a happy gal now ;)

I am sorry that I've abandoned you yet again. I know, I know. I'm the worst blogger in history...

So what've I been up to lately? Well...

- I've seen the UK's largest marble run at the House of Marbles. The marble run is called 'Snooki', but for those that were wondering it doesn't have big, poofy hair and overly fake tanned skin (reference to the TV show Jersey Shore):

See? That's it, up there ^^

- I have been witness to many 'Tazzy' smiles (Tazzy is my 6 month old sister Taisia's nickname):

Cute, right?

- I was a Palaeontologist for the day :) Yesterday we all went fossil hunting at Charmouth in Dorset, with some other home educators. I found some belemnite fossils, some fools gold and a rock with pretty crystals inside. I may (or may not) upload photos soon!

Obviously I've done more, but that's the stuff that I remember most :P

I PROMISE I'll try to blog tomorrow!

Chelsea xxo