Friday, 18 February 2011

Buckland Abbey...

Hello lovely readers :) I am so sorry that I've abandoned you for so long. So much for New Years Resolutions eh?

Anyway, today we've been to Buckland Abbey, which is a National Trust owned property where Sir Francis Drake used to live. We went with a rather busy home ed group, which was nice.

We all got the opportunity to dress up in Tudor style clothes, and of course I, with my new found love of playing dress-up, took it. I will post photos up soon, but basically I was wearing a long peachy coloured dress that tied at the front, with a creamy-peach, floral underskirt, and a beige shift underneath. I also wore a white cloth hat.

I asked a lot of questions, which is quite unusual for me, and one of the guides said that she had never seen any child quite so interested in plates and cutlery! I took that as a compliment lol!

That's all I can think about writing for now. I'll try and edit this post soon so I can add pictures if I remember.

Thanks for reading, and I will hopefully be a better blogger from now on...

Chelsea xxx


  1. Well done chels.

  2. Sounds fun! Can't wait to see pics :)

  3. Sounds awesome! :P Dressing up is strangly fun....:D


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