Tuesday, 27 September 2011


A. Age- 15

B. Bed size- Single :P

C. Chore that you hate-  Err... cleaning my room?

D. Dogs- I just love all dogs!

E. Essential start to your day- Coffee. Or tea, but normally coffee. 

F. Favorite Color-  I go through phases, but right now I love khaki green.

G. Gold or Silver?- Silver. 

H. Height- 5'3"

I. Instruments you play- Keyboard, learning guitar!

J. Job title- None, yet.

K. Kids- Cute, most of the time. 

L. Live- Devon in England.

M. Mother's name- Julia

N. Nicknames- Chel. My 13 year old brother calls me Vampy sometimes.

O. Overnight hospital stays- Never stayed in a hospital *happy dance*

P. Pet peeves- When people don't match their foundation to their real skin colour. It's just not attractive.

Q. Quote from a movie- Anything from Mean Girls. 

R. Right or left handed- Right.

S. Siblings- 4.

T. Time you wake up- I want to say that I wake up at 5.30am every day, but I would be lying. I normally wake up at about 10am +...

U. Underwear? What kind of a question is that???!!!  

V. Vegetable you hate- Beetroot!

W. What makes you run late? Perhaps the fact that I stay in bed until ridiculous- o- clock contributes to me running late...

X. X-rays you've had- I've had x-rays done on my teeth.

Y. Yummy food that you make - Risotto, Macaroni Cheese with Cauliflower and Tomatoes, Pizza, Bread, Cakes, Chilli... I love cooking. 

Z. Zoo animal- I love all animals! I can't choose :/

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Oooh, look what I got!

Hello everyone :)
The wonderful Cat from Life Through a Cat's Eyes has given me an award! Yay, thank you!

Isn't it pretty? :) Apparently, now I have the award, I have to tell you 7 things about myself. So here goes...

1. I am completely and utterly obsessed with  dedicated to the band My Chemical Romance.
2. My 'new' bedroom is going to be vintage/Alice in Wonderland themed.
3. I spend too much time on Youtube, mainly listening to music or watching stupid, pointless videos.
4. I'm not very interesting, as I'm sure you can tell from these facts.
5. I am finding very hard to write down any more things about me.
6. I love rats. I once had 12 pet rats all at once.
7. I like old movies. Especially if they have Audrey Hepburn in them.

Now I have to pass this on to a few people, but most people already have it. So, if you want the award, just take it :p

I'm off to do some baking now.

Chelsea xx

TGDB: Day Two

Date: 7 August 2011
Starting time: 12.41pm
Mood: Annoyed. My 13 year old brother keeps putting his music on really loud, so I can't really hear mine.
Outside my window: Rain.
I'm thinking: That my brain really is made up of 99% song lyrics XD
I'm reading: 'Rosebush' by Michele Jaffe
I'm listening to: The Only Hope For Me Is You by My Chemical Romance
I'm wearing: A long grey jumper from H&M, black studded denim shorts from New Look, black leggings from New Look and my spotty slippers from ASDA :D
 Yesterday, I: Found an artist on Youtube that I adore.
I'm excited for: My birthday. Yes, it's in November. No, I don't care.
I'm sad because: My 13 year old brother 
keeps putting his music on really loud.
I'm hungry for: Coffee. Again.
The song stuck inside my head is: The Only Exception by Paramore.
I want: some coffee.
I love: Skittles sweets/candy.
I loathe: Country music >.<
This week, my goal is to: See my last daybook.
Did I meet last week's goal?: See my last daybook.
Ending time: 12.49pm

Saturday, 6 August 2011

TGDB: Day One

*** I'm doing this daily instead of weekly. Just 'cause I can ;) ***
Date: 6 August 2011
Starting time: 3.57pm
Mood: Tired: I was up until 2am this morning trying to catch a mouse D:
Outside my window: A grey, cloudy sky.
I'm thinking: About a colour scheme for my 'new' bedroom.
I'm reading: 'Rosebush' by Michele Jaffe
I'm listening to: Blood by My Chemical Romance
I'm wearing: Grey skinny jeans from GAP, a sugar skull/skelanimal style top from the basic line at Zara, a black and silver military style coat/jacket from New Look, and my glow-in-the-dark skeleton foot Dr Martens :)
Yesterday, I: Started drawing again. And I enjoyed it.
I'm excited for: Getting my 'new' bedroom. I mean, I'm in the same house as before, but I'm having a room all to myself :p
I'm sad because: I'm not sad, at the moment (:
I'm hungry for: Coffee. I drink wayyy too much coffee.
The song stuck inside my head is: Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! At the Disco :D
I want: to go to Alton Towers.
I love: my family.
I loathe: People that are mean to my family.
This week, my goal is to: blog daily!Did I meet last week's goal? I didn't set one last week D':
Ending time: 4.05pm

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Is anybody there? *looks around hopefully*

Oh phew, YOU'RE here! I'm a happy gal now ;)

I am sorry that I've abandoned you yet again. I know, I know. I'm the worst blogger in history...

So what've I been up to lately? Well...

- I've seen the UK's largest marble run at the House of Marbles. The marble run is called 'Snooki', but for those that were wondering it doesn't have big, poofy hair and overly fake tanned skin (reference to the TV show Jersey Shore):

See? That's it, up there ^^

- I have been witness to many 'Tazzy' smiles (Tazzy is my 6 month old sister Taisia's nickname):

Cute, right?

- I was a Palaeontologist for the day :) Yesterday we all went fossil hunting at Charmouth in Dorset, with some other home educators. I found some belemnite fossils, some fools gold and a rock with pretty crystals inside. I may (or may not) upload photos soon!

Obviously I've done more, but that's the stuff that I remember most :P

I PROMISE I'll try to blog tomorrow!

Chelsea xxo

Friday, 18 February 2011

Buckland Abbey...

Hello lovely readers :) I am so sorry that I've abandoned you for so long. So much for New Years Resolutions eh?

Anyway, today we've been to Buckland Abbey, which is a National Trust owned property where Sir Francis Drake used to live. We went with a rather busy home ed group, which was nice.

We all got the opportunity to dress up in Tudor style clothes, and of course I, with my new found love of playing dress-up, took it. I will post photos up soon, but basically I was wearing a long peachy coloured dress that tied at the front, with a creamy-peach, floral underskirt, and a beige shift underneath. I also wore a white cloth hat.

I asked a lot of questions, which is quite unusual for me, and one of the guides said that she had never seen any child quite so interested in plates and cutlery! I took that as a compliment lol!

That's all I can think about writing for now. I'll try and edit this post soon so I can add pictures if I remember.

Thanks for reading, and I will hopefully be a better blogger from now on...

Chelsea xxx

Monday, 3 January 2011

Hello there (: How has your day been?

Mine has been good, I've done some Maths, Science & English workbooks, plus played on the Playstation with Callum. I've not been out anywhere, and sadly I didn't get up until 11.00am this morning so practically half of my day was wasted in bed :P Still, it was cosy lol.

Anyway, I'd better go because dear Harry (the cat for those that don't know) is coming to see me, and in order to do that he feels as if he must walk all over my keyboard...

Sorry for such a short, boring post!

Chelsea xoxo

Sunday, 2 January 2011


Hello again :) I hope that your day has been a good one.

Following on with one of my resolutions, I have been learning to draw! I drew this picture of Edward Cullen from Twilight peering through a wall:

It sparkles in certain light, because I coloured his skin in with a sparkly white eyeshadow. It probably won't stay on for long, but I will love the effect whilst it lasts :D I know the drawing isn't very good, but I am LEARNING to draw and I am very pleased with it.

Other than drawing, I've been making choccie coins and Facebooking for most of the day. I got up at 1.30pm (because I am recovering from New Year's Day). Tomorrow I will start project work.


Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

Why hello everyone, and a very Happy New Year to you all :) I hope that 2010 was a good one for you, and that 2011 will be even better, with all your dreams coming true.

Anyway, I don't know about you guys, but every year I make New Year's Resolutions (just like millions of other people on this planet, but hey- lots of people don't!). Sure, I'm guaranteed to break almost every single one of them, but I do try. So here are my resolutions for 2011:

- To blog daily. This one is a biggie, because I am a terrible blogger, just incase you hadn't noticed!

- To live, not exist. Because sadly, I am one of those people who sit around on the computer a hell of a lot. And yes, although I do go out and socialise, I'd like to do it more :)

- To do more "written work". I guess I do quite a bit of 'schoolwork', but I can't really prove it, because I never write anything down.

- To learn to draw. Because sadly, I can't.

- To complete at least one story. I don't care if it gets published, but I want the satisfaction of completing one :)

- To complete NaNoWriMo. Last year I sucked.

- To drink more water, because I used to drink loads, and now I don't drink enough :o(

- To be healthier. Just because it's good to be healthy ^^

- To be a nicer person.

- To help around the house more. That includes keeping my room tidy ^_^

So there we go. I probably have more that I can't remember to type out, but I think I have written down my important ones. Let me know your resolutions!

Chelsea xoxo