Saturday, 21 August 2010

Proof that I Socialise...

It always makes me giggle (and sometimes want to tear my hair out) when people say that home educated children don't socialise. The first thing that I get asked when I tell someone that I am home educated is nearly always "but what do you do about friends and socialising?". Well, to answer this question, I normally just say "I pretty much do what every other girl my age does", and that is either because a)- it is the first thing that pops into my head, or b)- it's the quickest way to explain. BUT, today I will give my precious readers the privilege of a longer answer.

I (as a home educated nearly 15 year old), socialise by going shopping, either with friends or on my own. Now, talking to the shop keeper working in my local co-op store is socialising in some form isn't it? And obviously when I go clothes shopping with friends, that's socialising too. I also socialise by going to various home education groups- we're not locked away under the stairs you know! At these home education groups, we can do various arts and crafts, play hundreds of games- in board game form or roleplay games-, sit and chat to each other, OR, go on various outings to various places together. Why just yesterday, I went to a village near us called Cockington, for a guided walk around Cockington Court, with a home ed group (where surprise surprise- we all socialised!!!). I had a wonderful day, and I learnt a lot. Need proof? Okay then...

Now, I spoke to every single one of those kids, and some of the grown ups too. I don't have any more photos of Cockington, because it was raining really badly yesterday. BUT, can you only socialise with friends? Or can you socialise with family too? Of course you can! We also went to Brixham yesterday, so this picture is of me and my siblings attempting to catch something in some rockpooling nets that we bought the other day. The beach had no rockpools, so we had to make do with the sea instead lol.

And sometimes, we just chill out at home:

We have been to Dawlish Warren and Decoy Park recently, with a home education group. We constantly meet up with friends in our home, and are always invited to go over to theirs. We meet up at parks, historical houses, tourist attractions, and other places of various educational interest. We have "not-back-to-school" picnics, and we are currently planning to have a home educators BBQ. So as you can see, we are not locked away all day, someplace dark. We are not forced to do schoolwork for hours on end. We do happen to get out and about, and meet friends. And we do enjoy ourselves, and have fun whatever we do.

I have the best friends in the world, and I am grateful for every single one of them :)

Chelsea xxx